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Our Kindness Initiative

How Our Pricing Works - You Choose The Value

“This new approach to our pricing is very special to me, as it’s part of a larger vision that I’ve had for some time now. Since the beginning for us it’s never been about making money, rather it’s been about inspiring people to practice and making our meditation beads available to everyone who wants them. We’ve always tried to keep our prices relatively low, and now if there’s any margin to spare, rather than giving to a charity we’d like to give it back to you - those who have a sincere desire for spiritual growth. Unfortunately there are many people around the world facing all sorts of problems now, and for some this includes needing the most basic of necessities, but after much heartfelt contemplation, I feel that the only true solution which gets to the root of our problems is meditation. There will be many people who'll never develop a relationship with Spirit and discover the benefits of meditation, but for those who would like to and would like a set of our meditation beads, we certainly will do our best to reduce the financial obstacle in order to ensure that you can.

I sincerely thank you for supporting us (and those who maybe cannot afford as much) with this vision.

Kind regards,
Jonathan Lemon”

How Does It Work?
Select a price that you’re comfortable with, based on what you can afford and the value or meaning that they hold for you, or whoever you may be giving them to.

How Much Do They Usually Cost?
There is quite a range in prices among those who offer meditation beads, anywhere from less than $10 in parts of Asia to nearly $200 USD in North America.

How Much Would You Like?
We’re impacted by the higher costs of operating in the West, however if we were to receive $80 CAD for the full sets of our meditation beads and $25 CAD for our bracelets (please note that all of our prices are in Canadian currency), then this would allow us to continue to pay our suppliers fairly and cover all of the expenses.

What If I Can’t Decide?
We understand that this approach to pricing is unusual and we don't mean to make it uncomfortable for you to decide. If you're unsure of what to select, please feel free to simply choose the lowest amount.

We appreciate you taking the time to understand what we're hoping to achieve here, and again, we thank you for your support. If it's still unclear and you have some additional questions, or you'd like to send us some feedback, please contact us. We'd also like to hear from you if you're unable to afford our lowest price due to your circumstances; let us know and we will see how we can help.