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Our Story

One White Bead™ for Love.

The inspiration behind AO Meditation came from a vision—of how much better our world and lives would be if we all spent more time exploring our spiritual nature, and if we made a conscious effort to not cause harm through our actions—from then on our meditation beads have been intended to inspire 'Kindness and Personal Growth'. Years later the power of these two things still rings true. Personally we’ve seen many positive changes, and spiritually the growth continues. Underlying it all is Love; our source is love; our destination is love; and the pathway to get there is love.

"My sincere hope is to see us all united by God’s Love. Many people believe in a higher spirit, but don’t talk about it, and there are others who openly have faith, yet all we see are the differences and not what we have in common. I dream of a time when we let down our guards and recognize, that what we all long for deep down in our hearts is the same. There are various paths in this material existence, however there is only one guide or energy to follow, and that is Love. This may not be easy, it requires commitment and practice, but it’s the only way to true fulfillment.

Our meditation beads are intended for those sincerely choosing to be guided by Love. It is our mission to raise awareness for this, and to encourage and inspire others to do the same by living a life guided by Love."

One White Bead™ for Love.