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When we get the opportunity to lead classes or to speak with people about meditation, we often find that there is a lot of misleading information out there, so instead we try to explain the practice in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to everybody from all different backgrounds and beliefs. Below are some of the more common questions that we hear, but if you don't find the answer that you're looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they adjustable?
Each of our meditation beads have a slipknot, which allows the space between the beads to be adjusted for meditation, and the bracelets to expand so they fit over the hand. To open, pull the beads on either side of the knot apart, and pull the tassel beads to close. When you first receive your beads it may feel tight to pull open, but don’t worry, the cord that we use is strong and durable.

How does the pricing work?
Select a price that you’re comfortable with, based on what you can afford and the value or meaning that they hold for you, or whoever you may be giving them to. For a full explanation on our pricing and the range of options, please read about Our Kindness Initiative.

Using Meditation Beads

How do they work?
A beneficial daily practice can be as little as a few minutes. At minimum, you could think of each bead as a full breath; roll each bead through your fingers while focusing on your breath, developing an awareness for the thoughts and emotions that arise within you. Recognize that you don’t need to get caught up or attached to the stories that are playing out in your mind. Simply allow whatever is present for you to come and go, and direct your attention towards only those things that are necessary for your well-being.

Using prayers or intentions?
The exercise in holding the beads and watching the breath is a practice to develop mindfulness, which can then be taken a step further by mentally repeating for every bead a mantra, prayer, affirmation or your intention. What you repeat could be a single word or a short positive statement, the important part is that you feel in your heart that it represents your deepest desires and wishes, and know that it’s being heard by an energetic force that cannot be seen by the human eye. Your intention may change as you personally grow and your practice evolves, continue to contemplate what is your heart’s desire and direct your attention towards that.

Are there different meanings?
The materials themselves may have inherent meanings or symbolism, however we encourage people to come up with their own meaning, as that is far more powerful than any label we may assign. A starting point may be to ask yourself, "why do I want meditation beads; what am I hoping that they'll do for me?", this then becomes the basis for your intention and builds a picture of what they mean to you.

Get Involved!

Shine The Light With Us

Uncovering the reason why we practice - what we truly want, our heart's desire - and then inspiring others to do the same, is possibly the greatest thing we can do in life, and through mindfulness and meditation we each have the opportunity to discover this for ourselves.

Join us in inspiring others and radiating the Light that shines in all of us by doing any of the following:

#1 - We'd Love To Hear From You!

Share a photo of your beads on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #ahimsaom, and tell us about your practice and inspire others to discover their own.

#2 - Do You Teach Yoga & Meditation or Own a Wellness Studio/Store?

If you teach yoga classes, lead meditations or plan to host a related gathering, or own a wellness studio/store and are interested in carrying our beads on a wholesale basis, contact us as we would be happy to hear from you and see how together we can introduce others to the practice & benefits of meditation.

#3 - Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important thing that you can do is continue to have a sincere, regular practice. Each time you see your beads remember what they mean to you and why you got them, and over time you will experience personal growth. Then stay in touch with us by signing up for our newsletter, as we sincerely would like to hear how your practice is going.

Why do they each have One White Bead?

This is something that we started several years ago and it is meant to represent our intention behind the meditation beads, which is to inspire kindness and personal growth. From our personal practice we've discovered that if one is gently reminded of these two things daily, not only will the events of the day go more smoothly, but over time a person will see positive changes and feel a growing sense of peace and happiness.

What does ahimsa mean?
The term ahimsa is a sanskrit word which means 'non-violence' or 'to do no harm', and before we ever knew that there was a term for it, we imagined what the world would be like if everybody asked themselves "Will this cause harm to myself, others, or my environment?" before doing or saying something. The scenarios which most people think of first with this are either between people or relationships, or generally external situations, but often we can be quite hard on ourselves internally through our thoughts, so ahimsa is then viewed as an opportunity to be less harmful or more kind & compassionate towards ourselves.
Generally speaking, some may then interpret ahimsa to be a question of right vs. wrong or a matter of one's ethics & morals, and yes on one hand a person can use this for themselves as a guide, but if he/she imposes their beliefs on others, then they are no longer practicing ahimsa; the principle of ahimsa goes deeper than this, and as much as one can rationalize the good vs. the bad, we must transcend both and allow whatever is to simply be - or better yet, to embrace everything with loving-kindness.

Caring For Your Meditation Beads

Can the beads get wet?
The materials that we use are natural and therefore can breakdown after being exposed to water, so we recommend that the beads are taken off before swimming or showering. Some materials are particularly sensitive to water, such as the lotus seeds, which will crack and fall apart. However, with some other materials we have heard from several people who say that they wear theirs everyday and that they love it, and the beads can hold up for several years. For those who are active outdoors or who spend time in warmer climates, we have found that the sweat or oils of the skin can be absorbed by the beads which then acts as a protective barrier and can actually help them to last even longer.

The colour or finish appears to be changing?
All of the materials that we use are natural, and some have been treated or dyed to enhance their appearance - for example, the rosewoods and the dark Tibetan yak bone - if they get wet or just from wear over time, the dyes can run and the finish can fade or chip off. This gives them a worn or antique look, which we personally like; and when this occurs, to us they feel like they have loved and been loved. The unique finish you could also say represents the uniqueness of each one of us and the changes that we all experience at different stages.

Is it possible that I'm having an allergic reaction?
Yes, like anything found in nature, there is a possibility that when we come into contact with these materials - either through the skin, or by breathing, this can cause an allergic reaction such as a rash, congestion, or sneezing. If you feel that you are experiencing this, please contact us and discontinue using or wearing the beads, and consult a medical professional. The materials that have been known to cause an allergic reaction for some people, include Indian Lotus Seed, Bodhi Seed and the Rosewoods; if you feel that you may be sensitive, please consider ordering one of our other materials.

What does it mean when my beads break, and can they be repaired?
Because all of our meditation beads are handmade by us, we are pleased to be able to offer repairs. We understand that with everyday wear and use the beads may become susceptible to damage. For many people their beads become a special part of their practice, and for this reason we won't replace your beads with new ones, we will repair them so they can continue to serve you in your practice. See our Gratis Repairs page for more information.

It is said that there is some significance or symbolism when meditation beads break, such as: it could be the end of a karmic cycle; or it broke because it was protecting the user from negative energy; or in Buddhist philosophy, it is a reminder of the principle of impermanence and that we shouldn't get too attached to material things. All of these examples hold some truth and are worth some reflection. Meditation beads are great tools that can hold energy, but the real energy or spirit resides within the person using it. If you are aware of the above, and have good intentions and a sincere practice, we feel that there is no harm in continuing to use the beads after they've been repaired.

Ordering, Shipping & Returns/Exchanges

Which countries do you ship to?
We have successfully shipped our items to many areas around the world and will ship to any country. It's wonderful to see meditation spreading throughout the world, and we're grateful to connect with so many kind, caring people.

Do you offer free shipping, and approximately when will it arrive?
Yes, we offer free regular shipping on all orders in Canada, and on orders over $75 for all other countries (this option will be available during the checkout process). Orders are typically packaged within 3 business days. The estimated time for parcels to be delivered using the Regular/Free Shipping option is between 4 - 7 business days and approximately 10 business days for US and international orders.

Can the shipping be tracked?
Tracking information is not available with the Regular/Free Shipping option, however if you would like a tracked package, please choose from one of the other options that are available.

What if the order is a gift?
We will gladly ship the parcel directly to whomever you are purchasing it for, and we'll ensure that there is no pricing information on the items. Please just indicate in the Notes field during checkout that it is a gift, and enter your address in the Billing section and the recipient's name and address as the shipping information.

Do you offer Exchanges or Refunds?
Yes, we'd like you to be happy with your purchase, so if it's not what you had expected please let us know. You can then mail the parcel back to us and we'll process the refund as soon as we receive it, and you can purchase the new items at any time and we'll ship them once we receive the new order. Our mailing address can be found here.


Our Kindness Initiative

How Our Pricing Works - You Choose The Value

“This new approach to our pricing is very special to me, as it’s part of a larger vision that I’ve had for some time now. Since the beginning for us it’s never been about making money, rather it’s been about inspiring people to practice and making our meditation beads available to everyone who wants them. We’ve always tried to keep our prices relatively low, and now if there’s any margin to spare, rather than giving to a charity we’d like to give it back to you - those who have a sincere desire for spiritual growth. Unfortunately there are many people around the world facing all sorts of problems now, and for some this includes needing the most basic of necessities, but after much heartfelt contemplation, I feel that the only true solution which gets to the root of our problems is meditation. There will be many people who'll never develop a relationship with Spirit and discover the benefits of meditation, but for those who would like to and would like a set of our meditation beads, we certainly will do our best to reduce the financial obstacle in order to ensure that you can.

I sincerely thank you for supporting us (and those who maybe cannot afford as much) with this vision.

Kind regards,
Jonathan P. Lemon”

How Does It Work?
Select a price that you’re comfortable with, based on what you can afford and the value or meaning that they hold for you, or whoever you may be giving them to.

How Much Do They Usually Cost?
There is quite a range in prices among those who offer meditation beads, anywhere from less than $10 in parts of Asia to nearly $200 USD in North America.

How Much Would You Like?
We’re impacted by the higher costs of operating in the West, however if we were to receive $80 CAD for the full sets of our meditation beads and $25 CAD for our bracelets (please note that all of our prices are in Canadian currency), then this would allow us to continue to pay our suppliers fairly and cover all of the expenses.

What If I Can’t Decide?
We understand that this approach to pricing is unusual and we don't mean to make it uncomfortable for you to decide. If you're unsure of what to select, please feel free to simply choose the lowest amount.

We appreciate you taking the time to understand what we're hoping to achieve here, and again, we thank you for your support. If it's still unclear and you have some additional questions, or you'd like to send us some feedback, please contact us. We'd also like to hear from you if you're unable to afford our lowest price due to your circumstances; let us know and we will see how we can help.